Founding Philosophy

Founding Philosophy: Achieving the True Separation of Drug Prescribing and Dispensing Services

The separation of drug prescribing and dispensing is the basis of a healthcare framework for providing support to patients. This is accomplished by using strong teamwork that allows physicians and pharmacists to focus on their respective fields of expertise within the Japanese healthcare system. Dividing these roles is regarded as essential for the operation of a reliable healthcare system. Nihon Chouzai has been at the forefront of this process and operating nationwide based on the founding philosophy of “achieving the true separation of drug prescribing and dispensing”.

Separate prescribing and dispensing services are widely used in Japan. The separation ratio is now more than 70%.* Nevertheless, this new framework is still not producing benefits at the expected level. Acceptance of this concept is still inadequate even though prescribing and dispensing drugs are key elements of healthcare. To support Japan’s healthcare system, pharmacies must become providers of services that are necessary for patients, their families and the communities where they live. Pharmacies must also have a commitment to contributing to healthcare and society. 

*According to “Separation of Drug Prescribing and Dispensing Progress Report (Prescriptions Covered by Insurance)” by the Japan Pharmaceutical Association

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