Message from the President

笠井 直人社長

Since its establishment in 1980, the Nihon Chouzai Group has provided a wide range of services specializing in healthcare, with the Dispensing Pharmacy Business providing quality medical services throughout Japan as its core business.

As in other industries, the environment surrounding healthcare has undergone significant changes in recent years, due to the development of technology, diversification of individual values, and partnerships between industry, government, and academia. Meanwhile, the outbreak of COVID-19 has transformed society and people’s lifestyles, and the way healthcare is practiced is changing at an unprecedented pace, as seen in the accelerated shift to online medical care.

Based on our founding philosophy of “Achieving the true separation of drug prescribing and dispensing services,” Nihon Chouzai has advocated contributing to patients through the clear division of roles between physicians and pharmacists using strong teamwork. While remaining true to this founding spirit, in April 2022, we formulated a new Group philosophy to redefine the Group’s responsibilities in line with the changing times and to pursue social sustainability. We have defined our mission as “To give people the closest possible support.” At our dispensing pharmacies located in 47 prefectures, we combine the power of people and ICT to directly address the wellbeing of each and every patient on a daily basis. In addition, the Nihon Chouzai Group as a whole contributes to the quality and stable supply of pharmaceuticals and operates businesses that help resolve human issues at healthcare institutions. In this fashion, our business goes beyond direct contact with patients and is linked to their wellbeing on multiple dimensions.

Lifestyles will constantly change along with the times. However, in any age, we will continue to contribute to society, making it our mission as a healthcare provider to stand closest to everyone’s lives and to be a company that is broadly and deeply involved in their diverse ways of living.

Naoto Kasai

President and CEO

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