Corporate Governance

With the aim of becoming a company that is indispensable to society, Nihon Chouzai is constantly working to reinforce its corporate governance to achieve sustainable growth and build corporate value.

Nihon Chouzai’s Concept of Corporate Governance

1   Improving management transparency and clarifying management responsibilities

2   Speedy decision-making

3   Strengthening management oversight functions

These three elements are essential to responding effectively to changes in the business environment, ensuring the ongoing soundness of the company, and further enhancing corporate value. Particularly as a corporate group operating in fields that are governed by various laws and regulations, Nihon Chouzai recognizes the critical importance of maintaining robust corporate governance and strict compliance. We are pursuing various measures based on this recognition.

Given the scale and nature of our businesses, we determined that being a company with an Audit and Supervisory Committee was the most appropriate organizational form to enable Nihon Chouzai to fulfill its audit and oversight functions and corporate governance responsibilities.

Corporate Governance Report
Corporate Governance Framework

Board of Directors

Organization and Activities of Internal Control System

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