Nihon Chouzai Group Formulates its New Group Philosophy, Articulating its Attitude Toward Stakeholders and Vision: Aims to Contribute to Healthcare by Supporting the Wellbeing of All People Through Diverse Approaches

Nihon Chouzai Group, the core business of which is Nihon Chouzai Co., Ltd. (Head office: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President; Yosuke Mitsuhara; hereinafter “Nihon Chouzai”) operating dispensing pharmacies in 47 prefectures throughout Japan, has formulated a new Group philosophy aimed at articulating its raison d’etre for society and continuously providing diverse values by addressing the wellbeing of all people in an ever-changing social environment.

More details on the Group’s philosophy can be found here: https://www.nicho.co.jp/brand/ *Japanese only

Background of formulating the Group philosophy
Founded in 1980, the Group has consistently focused on healthcare as its core business domain, starting with the Dispensing Pharmacy Business. We have since expanded our value proposition by launching the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Sales (focused on generic drugs), Medical Professional Staffing and Placement, and Information Provision and Consulting Businesses, with a view to contributing to the resolution of social issues.

As in other industries, the environment surrounding healthcare has undergone significant changes in recent years due to the development of technology, diversification of individual values, and partnerships between industry, government, and academia. Not only that, but the way medicine is practiced is changing at an unprecedented pace, with the outbreak of COVID-19 transforming society and people’s lifestyles and accelerating the adoption of online medical care.

At Nihon Chouzai, our corporate philosophy has been to “Achieving the true separation of drug prescribing and dispensing services,” and we have advocated contributing to patients through a clear division of roles between physicians and pharmacists using strong teamwork. Staying true to this founding spirit, we have formulated a new Group philosophy to redefine the responsibilities of the Group in line with the changing times and pursue sustainability in society.

Our Mission: To give people the closest possible support
The Nihon Chouzai Group operates approximately 700 dispensing pharmacies in 47 prefectures serving a total of 10 million patients annually, and this number is increasing every year. We are building stronger ties with patients through approaches to address pre-symptomatic diseases and disease prevention and to improve daily lifestyle habits. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we created relationships with consumers that never existed before, such as cooperation in vaccinations by pharmacists and the provision of PCR and antigen test kits at pharmacies.

Our business is not limited to direct contact with patients, but also involves ensuring their wellbeing on multiple dimensions, such as by contributing to the quality and stable supply of pharmaceuticals and resolving human issues at healthcare institutions.

Amidst ever-changing circumstances surrounding people’s wellbeing, the Group will persistently contribute to society as a healthcare provider at all times, making it our mission to give the closest possible support and being deeply and widely involved in your wellbeing.

Group Vision 2030: The most trusted partner in healthcare
By operating a regional network of pharmacies for over 40 years, the Group has held continuous dialogue with patients online and offline and cultivated a relationship of trust, which we consider to be our major asset. To continue earning their trust and fulfilling our mission, we must co-create value with various stakeholders, such as physicians and other medical professionals, research institutions, other companies, and government agencies. For example, together we must respond to increasingly sophisticated medical care, collaborate with multiple professionals supporting community healthcare, and be involved in the government’s Super City Initiative.

Further refining our expertise as medical professionals and making it our competitive advantage to respond ahead of the times, we will grow as a healthcare group that makes contributions beyond the boundaries of medicine toward 2030, while strengthening partnerships with diverse stakeholders.

[About Nihon Chouzai Group] https://www.nicho.co.jp/brand/ *Japanese only
The Nihon Chouzai Group is a healthcare group with a diverse range of medical professionals. With the Dispensing Pharmacy Business at its core, the Group operates the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Sales, Medical Professional Staffing and Placement, and Information Provision and Consulting Businesses, based on its unwavering mission "To give people the closest possible support". Through a business approach centered on medical care, the Group pursues sustainability by solving social issues and aims to contribute to the wellbeing of all people.

Nihon Chouzai Co., Ltd. https://www.nicho.co.jp/en/
Since its establishment in 1980, Nihon Chouzai has pursued the separation of drug prescribing and dispensing services in order to fulfill the proper functions and roles of dispensing pharmacies that support the national health insurance system, and has actively developed dispensing pharmacies. Today, with dispensing pharmacies in all prefectures and approximately 4,000 pharmacists, the Company has earned a reputation as one of Japan’s leading dispensing pharmacy companies. In addition to its efforts to promote the use of generic drugs and home medical care, the Company has aggressively invested in ICT from early on, and will continue to provide high-quality, innovative medical services needed in a super-aged society.

Nihon Generic Co., Ltd. https://www.nihon-generic.co.jp/en/ 
Founded in 2005, Nihon Generic has been responsible for the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Sales Business, which continues to provide a stable supply of high-quality, inexpensive generic drugs. Based on the track record and trust that Nihon Chouzai has cultivated in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, Nihon Generic will contribute to a sustainable social security system by leveraging its unique strengths, such as its ability to utilize the voices of patients in the field of pharmaceutical prescription and the diverse needs of medical professionals for research and development.

Medical Resources Co., Ltd. https://www.medical-res.co.jp/ *Japanese only
Medical Resources was launched in 2000 as Nihon Chouzai Pharma Staff Co., Ltd., to address the shortage and mismatch of medical personnel. In 2008, the Company changed its name to its current name, and has since operated the Medical Professional Staffing and Placement Business. Together with pharmacists, doctors, nurses, and paramedics, Medical Resources will contribute to medical institutions, pharmacies, and companies by introducing and dispatching a wide variety of medical personnel, and providing consulting on personnel services that meet the needs of changing social conditions such as reforms in the way people work.

Japan Medical Research Institute, Inc. https://www.jpmedri.co.jp/ *Japanese only
Launched in 2012, the Japan Medical Research Institute is responsible for providing information and consulting services that make the most of the valuable information resources possessed by the Nihon Chouzai Group. Based on Nihon Chouzai’s abundant, anonymized prescription information, which exceeds 14 million prescriptions per year, the Company analyzes prescribing trends and improves patient adherence (drug compliance). Japan Medical Research Institute also conducts pharmaceutical surveys and research, provides consulting support, and runs advertisements and promotions leveraging Nihon Chouzai’s network of approximately 700 pharmacies for pharmaceutical companies, local governments, and related organizations.

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