Message from the President

Nihon Chouzai formulated the Long-Term Vision –– On the Road to 2030 as a roadmap for the kind of Company we want to be in 2030. Guided by this vision, we are building a solid management foundation that can overcome significant changes in the business environment and enable further strong growth. We see ICT as a key element of growth in the Dispensing Pharmacy Business and have invested in ICT for years, including the in-house development of our dispensing system, the core system supporting the dispensing business, and of Okusuri Techo Plus, our electronic medication notebook. In September 2020, we developed and started operation of Nihon Chouzai Online Pharmacy Service NiCOMS, our online medication guidance system.


As the business environment is changing due to the recent degitalization,digitalization in the healthcare field is progressing rapidly as well to solve many social issues such as the spread of COVID-19 and labor shortages in society with declining population. In this context, we consider it crucial in terms of management not simply to digitalize existing operations but to harness the power of digital technology to transform the business model itself and build a more robust management foundation.


In the healthcare field, various measures are being taken to promote digital transformation, including the promotion of online medication guidance, the introduction of the Maina Insurance Card, which allows patients to use their Individual Number Card (equivalent to tax ID cards) as health insurance cards, and the start of electronic prescriptions.


Nihon Chouzai has formulated a digital transformation strategy (DX Strategy) and has been working in line with it to achieve sustainable corporate growth and creation of new value beyond the boundaries of healthcare, while taking the lead in rapidly advancing digital transformation in the area of healthcare.


Naoto Kasai 
President & CEO
Nihon Chouzai Co., Ltd.

The 5 DX Strategies in the DX Strategy

1. Providing smart healthcare
Providing smart healthcare, where anyone can receive health consultation, medication guidance, and drug delivery seamlessly online


2. Creating new customer experiences
Creating new customer experiences by fusing brick-and-mortar and online pharmacies


3. Improving customer satisfaction and maximizing treatment efficacy
Improving customer satisfaction and maximizing treatment efficacy by expanding touchpoints using Okusuri Techo Plus


4. Using digital technology to provide value-added information
Providing value-added information through the FINDAT drug information platform


5. Improving work efficiency and shifting to patient-centered work
Using digital technology to streamline operations, reducing time spent with materials, and creating time for patient-centered work

Overview of DX Strategies

We are distributing an overview of the Group’s “Digital Transformation Strategy” to stakeholders.