Value Creation Process

Since NIHON CHOUZAI was founded in 1980, we have pursued the ideal functions and roles of a dispensing pharmacy that supports medical care in Japan, and has actively contributed to the development of society and medical care, as a pioneer in the dispensing pharmacy industry. With the Dispensing Pharmacy Business as our core business, we create new businesses by capturing the contemporary needs of society and boldly taking on challenges in the medical peripheral businesses. Currently, we are engaged in four businesses. In addition to the Dispensing Pharmacy Business, there are Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Sales Business, Medical Professional Staffing and Placement Business, and Information Provision and Consulting Business.
We will continue to boldly venture on peripheral businesses that contribute to “achieving true separation of drug prescribing and dispensing services,” and build a multilayered business structure by creating new businesses, while also deepening the business model in which each of our businesses demonstrate synergies between each other.