Business Portfolio

Dispensing Pharmacy Business

We operate dispensing pharmacies in all 47 prefectures to contribute to improving patient health and provide quality health care services throughout Japan. Based on the function of family pharmacists and pharmacies sought by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, we are promoting the development of pharmacies with advanced pharmaceutical management functions, which require specialized knowledge, and health support functions that contribute to prevention of illness and improvement of health prior to the onset of symptoms among local residents.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Sales Business

We are engaged in the pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales business, focusing on generic drugs, which are effective in reducing health care costs. Leveraging the strengths of the NIHON CHOUZAI Group, we manufacture safe, high-quality generic drugs that meet the needs of the front lines of medicine and have established a system that offers a stable supply nationwide.
Trained staff members use the latest equipment to implement thorough quality control based on the strict rules of GMP* in our manufacturing so that patients can use our drugs with peace of mind
We currently have a lineup of around 700 generic drugs and aim to become a full-line manufacturer of generic drugs supporting health care in Japan.
*Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP): Standards for manufacturing and quality control of pharmaceuticals

Medical Professional Staffing and Placement Business

We provide medical professional staffing and placement services centered on pharmacists. We are achieving value-added staffing and placement not offered by other companies by taking advantage of the high-quality education system created by the Dispensing Pharmacy Business. We are also working to expand the business by increasing the number of service lines beyond pharmacists, including physicians, nurses, and registered distributors.