We are moving forward with the development of

a new long-term vision to respond to the drastically changing business environment

and achieve further growth

With the resumption of socioeconomic activities along with the deregulation of Covid-19 infection, the government's reform of the healthcare system has begun to make significant progress with the launch of the electronic prescription system in January 2023.

In order to meet the changing medical needs of the times, the Group is working to promote the use of its in-house online pharmacy service "NiCOMS" at stores nationwide and expand collaboration with companies that provide online medical services, in order to expand the use of online medical services.

In January 2023, in collaboration with LINE Healthcare Corp.,, we started providing online medication guidance for the first time on the online medical service "LINE Doctor" and also started providing online medication guidance using TVs in response to the online medical service "J:COM Online Medical Care" provided by JCOM Co., Ltd..


In 2018, the Group released its "Long-Term Vision: On the Road to 2030," and has been making progress toward realizing this vision. However, the Group is now facing a number of challenges, including the spread of Covid-19 infections, responses to accelerating healthcare system reforms, the government's promotion of digital transformation of healthcare, and the reorganization of the Tokyo Stock Exchange market. In light of these circumstances, we are revising our long-term vision in order to further meet the expectations of our stakeholders, such as strengthening corporate governance and promoting sustainability management.

Centered on the new group philosophy released in April 2022, we aim to release a new long-term vision that takes into account a wide range of management issues, including a growth strategy tailored to the Group's business environment, corporate governance appropriate for a TSE prime-listed company, and a financial strategy appropriate for the times.


We would appreciate your continued support and cooperation.


Yosuke Mitsuhara

President and CEO

June 2023