Becoming a comprehensive healthcare company,

based on growth strategies that bring about

innovations in the healthcare industry

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic continue, and with the risks of further spread of the infection still remaining, the future remains unclear. At the same time, vaccinations and other countermeasures are moving forward throughout Japan.


Many pharmacists affiliated with the NIHON CHOUZAI Group have also been dispatched to assist in group vaccinations nationwide, based on requests from various municipalities, pharmacist associations, and other related organizations. Medical Resources Co., Ltd., the Company’s subsidiary, has used its nationwide medical professional staffing and placement network to assign these professionals to group vaccination venues operated by municipalities and companies conducting workplace vaccinations.

The Group will continue to contribute both to preventing the further spread of the infection and to the revitalization of regional economic activities.


In the Dispensing Pharmacy Business, the revised Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Act was put into effect from August 2021, and Japan initiated a system for the certification of “regional cooperation pharmacies” and “specialized medical institution cooperation pharmacies.” We are accelerating activities targeting these certifications so that patients can choose our dispensing pharmacies with peace of mind.

As activities targeting the “new normal” grow in response to the pandemic, we are also seeing the growth of digital transformations in the healthcare field. Based on these trends, the Company created and published a digital transformation strategy (DX strategy) in August 2021. We will further strengthen the ICT strategies that have long been our strength, and achieve a transformation in healthcare through the power of digital technologies.


The goal of the NIHON CHOUZAI Group is to achieve further growth as a comprehensive healthcare company by applying growth strategies that bring about innovations in the healthcare industry.


Yosuke Mitsuhara

President and CEO

December 2021