Dividend policy

We consider shareholder return to be a priority management issue and have made it our basic policy to return the maximum amount of profit to shareholders according to business results each period, giving due consideration to ensuring that we have the internal reserves necessary for future growth. 
We provide dividends twice a year (interim and year-end), determined by resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders and the Board of Directors unless otherwise specified by law in accordance with the provisions of Article 459, Paragraph 1 of the Companies Act.

Trend in dividends

FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2023 FY2024
Dividend Per Share(yen) 1Q ------
2Q 25.0025.0012.5012.5012.5012.50
3Q ------
FY-End 25.0025.0012.5012.5012.5012.50
Total 50.0050.0025.0025.0025.0025.00
Amount of Dividends(million yen) 766749749749749-
Payout Ratio(%) 20.511.
Ratio of Total Amount of Dividends to Net Assets(%)

*On April 1, 2020, we carried out a stock split on ordinary shares at a two for one ratio. Dividend amounts for periods prior to the fiscal year ended March 2020 are the actual amounts before the stock split.


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