Strategies for human resource investment

NIHON CHOUZAI views people who support the Company as essential management resources and continuously invests in human resources. We are recognized within the industry as a company with topnotch, quality education, as exemplified by our providing diverse career opportunities and training.
NIHON CHOUZAI believes that the “strengthening of the interpersonal relations skills of pharmacists,” which is commonly advocated in both “A Vision of Pharmacies for Patients” announced by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in October 2015 and the proposed revision of the PMD Act submitted to an ordinary session of the Diet in fiscal 2019, will be the starting point of industry restructuring. It is expected that a higher level of interpersonal skills will be required than before and that the compensation structure will be balanced. Anticipating that major and unprecedented changes will be the starting point of industry restructuring, NIHON CHOUZAI has made strategic resource investments for several years in people, who are the bottleneck to successful restructuring, and the foundation for growth is now in place.